Friday, July 3rd, 2015  
Welcome to Orofino, ID!
RSS Feeds

This community website now provides RSS feeds for the user-submitted Listings, News and Events sections of the website, as well as the movie listings from that are displayed on this site.

Feeds Available from

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for syndicating the content of websites, and RSS Feeds are used by aggregators and other feed readers to allow the content of the website to be displayed in real time without needing to load the website.

Because most feed readers request new content on a schedule, this enables you to stay informed and current with the content that is added to the site, and receive notification of new content being added, all without having to load the site, or in some cases, even a browser.

More information about RSS and RSS aggregators can be found here:
RSS definition:

In order to read the RSS feeds, you will need to download and install an RSS Reader.
While RSS Readers are too numerous to list, here are a couple we like:

  • Pluck - - Pluck is a feature-rich browser plugin that has great abilities to track eBay, or other sites via RSS.
  • Newsgator - Newsgator offers an Outlook plugin, as well as a web-based version of it's aggregator.
  • Newsmonster - Newsmonster offers cross platform compatibility through the use of a mozilla plugin.

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